Maintaining each parts’ fastening condition

Date:2018-07-31 13:04:45 Hits:1032

As the professional Side Moving Pallet Fork production supplier, we warn all forklift drivers carefully clean away all of the oil dirt, dusts and impurities on the forklift structure, especially of the Side Moving Pallet Fork gantry mounting, battery electronic polar, water tank, air filter device and the electric generator, all of these important parts needs maintain cleanly for the whole time.

  Professional Side Moving Pallet Fork production supplier also attention forklift drivers pay more attention on the fastening condition for these important parts, such as the forklift wheel screw bolts, forklift wheel fixation pins, clutch and steering gear screw bolts, etc. Especially of the steering gear part, which needs maintain the best reliable and flexibility ability as before.


  To these pipeline joints parts and fuel oil tank, Side Moving Pallet Fork driver should keep a habit to check if these parts has the oil leakage problem or not, but add the suitable dosage lubrication oil to maintain the best lubrication results.