Maintenance works of filter element

Date:2018-07-31 13:04:25 Hits:1097

Professional 4 in 1 Bucket production supplier said the main of filter element is used to filtering the impurities among the oil road and air circuit, but also prevent the impurities inert into the internal system space and causes the malfunction problem; according to the operation and maintenance manual, 4 in 1 Bucket excavator drivers also need regular replace the new filter element within the suitable time. When replace the new filter element, 4 in 1 Bucket excavator drivers needs check if there are some metal absorbed on old filter element, if the answer is yes, they need take right measures to solve the metal grains problem as soon as possible.


  To guarantee the 4 in 1 Bucket excavator can be normal working, writer attention 4 in 1 Bucket excavator drivers should never costs less money to buy these inferior filter element, because their filter capacity would be worse, and its filtering surface leather and materials also can’t match with standard requirement too, so choose the pure filter element, which is confirm to 4 in 1 Bucket excavator needs is the best choice, even through they are more expensive.